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Kakapo is crazy about karate. No student at her dojo tries harder or practices more. She loves the blocks, the strikes, the stances. And she especially loves the super-fast kicks: the running kicks, the jumping kicks, the side kicks... but no amount of practice can help her conquer the elusive flying kick. You see, kakapos can't fly. Despite this, Kakapo works hard on everything else to perfect her skills. She has earned every belt from yellow to green to blue to red. And now it's time for the most difficult karate challenge of all: the black belt test. Kakapo is ready. After all, she has practiced as much as any bird could and mastered all the moves. Except that one, of course. But surely the senseis won't ask her to do a flying kick. Will they?

This playful and funny picture book is perfect for storytime. It also makes a great choice for character education lessons on self-discipline and perseverance.

Karate Kakapo

Junior Librarian Guild Gold Recipient!

KARATE KAKAPO is a story of resilience – brought to life by an adorable Kakapo who inspires children to conquer their goals.

Written by Loredana Cunti
Illustrated by Stacy Curtis
Kids Can Press
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-77138-803-0
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-5253-0268-8
32 pages, 4-color
Pre-school to Grade 2 [Ages: 3 to 7]

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2019 - Junior Librarian Guild Gold Recipient 

2020 - Shining Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Awards, Finalist

2019 - Reuben Award: Book Illustration Category, National Cartoonists Society

2020 - TD Summer Reading Club

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Karate Kakapo in the wild
[Union Station - Toronto, ON]

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Did you know? 
Loredana Cunti offers author visits for elementary schools!

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