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It turns out that Earth is a pretty good place to live. Finding other habitable environments in space is no easy task: temperatures on Mercury are ten times hotter than on Earth; winter on Neptune lasts about forty years, and Uranus is ten billion miles (sixteen billion kilometers) away.

But there is one planet that looks promising: Mars. Even though it takes six months to get there, Mars most closely resembles Earth. So what would it take to make it habitable — and what would life look like there?

As in the other three titles in the Dr. Dave: Astronaut series, this book demystifies space travel. The science is explained in simple terms while the sense of adventure is ever-present. This book belongs in the hands of every child interested in space, and in every classroom where STEM is taught.

Destination: Space
Living on Other Planets

DESTINATION: SPACE: LIVING ON OTHER PLANETS discusses the big question – will humans ever be able to live anywhere other than Earth?

Written by Dave Williams & Loredana Cunti
Illustrated by Theo Krynauw
Annick Press
ISBN-13: 9781773210575
52 pages
Grade 4-7 [Ages: 9-12]

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2019 - Joint winner, Best Books for Kids & Teens, *starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre 


“Readers will enjoy dreaming of possibilities for the future of space exploration with a better understanding of the science behind life in space. Highly Recommended. ”


— CM Reviews

“A great book for the budding space enthusiast; also good in the classroom when broken up into smaller chunks. ”


— Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

Did you know? 
Loredana Cunti offers author visits for elementary schools!

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