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Author Visits and Events 

Loredana Cunti is a Canadian children’s author who offers in-person and virtual author visits for elementary schools.  Engaging through fun activities and experiences, these talks are a combination of motivational speaking and lessons on the creative writing process, resilience, perseverance and being your true self. 

All of her presentations are inspired by her own life experiences and themes from her award-winning and acclaimed children’s books, KARATE KAKAPO, GO FOR LIFTOFF! BUTTERFLIES DANCE TOO and yet to be published GOGO FLAMINGO.

"Loredana’s capacity for storytelling is creative, innovative and literally ‘out of this world”! She has engaged in storytelling about living on other planets, the science behind bodily functions in space, training to be an astronaut,  to a Kakapo who loves karate to a nervous ballerina!  Her work centres children, learning, and resilience, as well as tangible strategies to overcome challenges. Each story is a learning opportunity from an educator and a student’s vantage point, as teachers can establish relevant and meaningful connections to the curriculum and beyond."

Dr. Isha De Coito, Associate Professor Curriculum Studies, University of Western Ontario

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"Loredana is an engaging and charismatic presenter, with the capacity and expertise to bring her stories to life! Tina is a brilliant example of a story of coping with emotions, as well as developing a sense of belonging and identity. Despite the learning highlighted in Tina, Loredana shone the spotlight on diversity and inclusion in the Arts. This can elicit provocative discussions beyond the intended audience. Her work is not only relevant, but educational and captures challenges and coping which are essential to address for effective learning to take place." Dr. Nalini Chandra, Nalini Chandra, Ph.D. Instructor, Master of Teaching Program OISE/University of Toronto

The Power of POW!

K-Grade 4 (30-45 minutes: Questions Included)

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Based on her award-winning picture book, KARATE KAKAPO, The Power of POW! is a talk and reading focusing on PERSEVERANCE, OPTIMISM and WILL. In order to get her black belt in Karate, Kakapo must master the flying kick. But the problem is, kakapos don’t fly. This talk features themes of looking at a problem in a different way, facing your fears, and trying something new even when you don't know how it will turn out. 


Loredana leads children through the writing process of recognizing inspiration, getting an idea, and then actually sitting down to do it. She encourages them to keep revising and stay open to new ideas showing them behind the scenes differences in words and illustrations between first draft and finished work. The importance of teamwork is also highlighted as she shows what it takes to get from her words to the editors and designers involved in making a picture book onto the sales people and librarians that help get the book into the world.

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KARATE KAKAPO: Suitable for ages 3 to 9

Butterflies Dance Too

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K-Grade 4 (30-45 minutes: Questions Included)

In BUTTERFLIES DANCE TOO, Loredana bridges the gap between a heartwarming story and practical strategies to tackle everyday anxiety. Whether it’s trying out for a sports team or trying to make a new friend, butterflies in your tummy can, and do, happen to kids and adults alike. Children will have an opportunity to think about situations that might make them feel nervous and Loredana will help them understand that nerves are a natural part of growth. 


Then, by immersing themselves in a lively reading of Tina Prima Ballerina, children will follow on Tina’s relatable journey as she navigates the stage fright she experience right before her big audition. Breaking down an easy to understand explanation of the science behind butterflies in your tummy and other  physical symptoms that occur,  children will learn a simple breathing activity that aims to reframe their nervousness into excitement in imagining that the butterflies in Tina’s tummy are excited and just wanted to dance too. 


Loredana will discuss the teamwork involved the process with the real life Tina of writing the story and how we can all by allies to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.


If desired, Loredana will take children through the fun and creative activity of making their own Butterfly Buddy and how they can adapt techniques discussed in their own spaces allowing them to gain a sense of ownership over their own self-regulation and anxiety-management strategies and empowering them to face any challenge that comes their way. 

Power of Pow
Butterflies Dance Too

Loredana Cunti provides an excellent presentation of Karate Kakapo! She engages the students through stories of her own experiences as well as the high-kicking Kakapo. Her wonderful story teaches children the valuable lesson of trying our best and not giving up.


Mr. Matthew Hill, Grade 2 Teacher



From women who have it all to other scams in life, Loredana is wildly passionate about sharing her own story and advice on rejection, resilience and the ebbs and flows of life as a creative entrepreneur.  Full of motivational tips as a woman juggling work and family life, she uses humour from her picture book WHEN GOGO LOST HER GROOVE, about a flamboyant flamingo who tries to win a chicken dance contest until she realizes the hens don't welcome diversity at the dance. She's got the moves, and she's got the shoes but, through GOGO, Loredana demonstrates what it's like to struggle with imposter syndrome, lose confidence and find your own groove to strive for whatever you are GOing for. 

My career has taken many twists and turns and I've always believed you should try to stay open and eke out some time to follow where your energy and enthusiasm takes you. At 25 I started kung fu, at 41 I signed up for chef school; and at 45, I finally sat down to write a book. Not all of it works out how you originally imagined, but if you take one thing away from your time with me I hope it's this -- it's ok to feel rejected or overwhelmed, you just have to... try, cry, and try again.

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Loredana is such an engaging and authentic speaker easily able to share personal information to bond with the audience! It's incredible to learn about her experiences, and encouraging to see you pursue her passions, regardless of age.


Lisa Briona, PhD Faculty of Education, Western University

  • What can I expect after I book a talk?
    After you fill out the form on my contact page, you can expect to hear from me in 1-3 business days with the next steps. The process from there involves scheduling the talk, the payment, and sending you other details that you’ll need to know for my presentation.
  • What’s the typical format of each talk?
    Each talk is between 30 and 45 minutes in length and questions are included in each. Students can ask me anything about the presentation – from working with an astronaut, to my career, to the writing/creative process and beyond. Please note: the Q&A in the GO FOR LIFTOFF! talk will be slightly shorter as it’s geared towards younger students.
  • How do I prepare for an author visit?
    To best prepare your students for one of my virtual author visits, I’d recommend reading my short biography aloud (that I send to you beforehand) so your class gets a sense of who I am and what to expect during my presentation. It will also be ideal if students have access to a pencil and paper for any creative activities.
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