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Tina dreams of becoming a prima ballerina one day - twirling in Swan Lake, balancing in Sleeping Beauty, and fluttering as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. But when the day of her audition arrives, Tina is overcome with nervousness and a strange feeling in her stomach.

Luckily, her ballet teacher, Ms. Sparkle, understands and helps Tina embrace the butterflies inside her. With newfound confidence, Tina takes the stage, accompanied by her fluttering friends. Will she step up to the challenge and conquer her audition?


Written by The National Ballet of Canada's first Caribbean principal dancer, this heartwarming story celebrates the power of self-belief and the joy of following your dreams.

This enchanting and dynamic picture book is perfect for teachers and caregivers with educational lessons on mindfulness, belonging and self-empowerment. Beautifully illustrated and filled with captivating moments, “Butterflies Dance Too” is a must-read for young dancers and dreamers alike.


Tina Prima Ballerina:
Butterflies Dance


An Empowering Picture Book Promoting Social-Emotional

Well-being and Diversity

Join young Tina on a magical journey to self belief as she makes friends with the butterflies in her tummy and takes the first big leap towards making her dreams come true. With an afterword explaining the science behind butterflies in your tummy, this book includes deep breathing techniques to help kids turn fear into excitement and rise to their challenge.

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Written by Loredana Cunti & Tina Pereira
Illustrated by Fabiana Salomao
Loredworks Press
Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1-7381610-1-9
Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-7381610-0-3 
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7381610-2-7
32 pages, 4-color
Pre-school to Grade 3 [Ages: 3-9]
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Emotions & Feelings JUV039050

Reviews and Endorsements

Misty Copeland, Best Selling Author and Principal Dancer

“This book is just beautiful. I definitely can see myself in these pages and so many other budding ballerinas. Embrace the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It’s all part of you and
your jou

Dr. Susan Dundas FRCP,

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

BUTTERFLIES DANCE TOO is an amazing and relevant book about coping with everyday anxiety.  The book provides teachers and caregivers with a wonderful reference to teach children about managing their distress so they can reach their dreams.  

Dr. Isha De Coito, Associate Professor Curriculum Studies, University of Western Ontario

" This book should be incorporated in libraries and utilized in all primary school classrooms as it is aligned with Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum, specifically Social – Emotional Learning Skill such as  Identification and Management of Emotions, Stress Management and Coping."

Nalini Chandra, PhD. Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Development and Learning, Master of Teaching Program, OISE/ University of Toronto 

"Tina’s story can be used to support students in developing self-awareness and self-confidence, leading to a sense of identity development and belonging - a challenge across age groups. Her story highlights themes of equity, diversity and inclusion in the Arts, where students may not see themselves as belonging." 

Amy Jo Johnson Filmmaker, Writer, 

Original Pink Power Ranger 
“From someone who has had to learn to harness my own butterflies, this book is everything!” 

Tina's Message

Did you know? 
Loredana Cunti offers author visits for elementary schools!

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